JAS at ISPRM Summit
JAS at ISPRM Summit
JAS NEWS: JAS Helps Violist Regain Range of Motion ... and Her Career
JAS NEWS: JAS Helps Violist Regain Range of Motion ... and Her Career

My elbow injury was extremely difficult to rehabilitate, and I had lost all mobility.  I was fitted with a JAS brace within a month of my surgery, and the results were amazing.  In three months I  gained 35 degrees of motion and could do a ponytail behind my head.  I do not believe any other physical therapy sessions would have given me back the use of my arm like the JAS brace did, and for that I am forever grateful.

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JAS systems comfortably stretch your patients beyond what’s possible with the competition. With patented technology, JAS is the ONLY system that “unloads the joint”, reducing painful joint surface loading during use.

JAS delivers pain free, patient-directed therapy through a greater arc of motion than any other brand of stretch device. After all, we're ROM Specialists.

Move beyond the competition and see the proven outcomes achievable with JAS and JAS EZ.


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