JAS in China
JAS in China
JAS at ISPRM Summit
JAS at ISPRM Summit

My elbow injury was extremely difficult to rehabilitate, and I had lost all mobility.  I was fitted with a JAS brace within a month of my surgery, and the results were amazing.  In three months I  gained 35 degrees of motion and could do a ponytail behind my head.  I do not believe any other physical therapy sessions would have given me back the use of my arm like the JAS brace did, and for that I am forever grateful.

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JAS EZ Knee-Flex

50º Flexion • 148º Flexion

The JAS EZ Knee-Flexion system offers full-range, bi-directional Range of Motion (ROM) therapy in a lightweight, low-profile, single-patient use design. The patented JAS motion arm, combined with innovative geometry and infinitely adjustable ROM, assures precise end-range stretch through a greater arc of motion than any other brand of stretch device.

JAS EZ Knee-Flex

JAS EZ Protocol (PDF file)
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Fitting and Use (Youtube Video)

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