JAS Announced as a da Vinci Award Finalist
JAS Announced as a da Vinci Award Finalist
JAS NEWS: JAS Helps Violist Regain Range of Motion ... and Her Career
JAS NEWS: JAS Helps Violist Regain Range of Motion ... and Her Career

My elbow injury was extremely difficult to rehabilitate, and I had lost all mobility.  I was fitted with a JAS brace within a month of my surgery, and the results were amazing.  In three months I  gained 35 degrees of motion and could do a ponytail behind my head.  I do not believe any other physical therapy sessions would have given me back the use of my arm like the JAS brace did, and for that I am forever grateful.

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Cost Benefits: Restoring ROM Faster


Dramatically reduced treatment time coupled with substantial clinical benefits make stress relaxation and low-load stretch therapy an optimal rehabilitation choice. Its positive impact on patient compliance, cost savings and therapeutic outcomes is significant. By restoring ROM faster, JAS Systems benefits patients, employers, insurers, and the healthcare community.

JAS Reduces Rehab Time and Cost
JAS stress relaxation and low-load stretch therapy requires three 30-minute sessions per day, compared to 6-8 hour sessions per day required with dynamic splint therapy. Patient compliance is dramatically improved for stress relaxation and low-load stretch vs. dynamic splint users, optimizing effectiveness and results. Patients utilizing JAS achieve maximal ROM outcomes in 2.5 months on average, compared to 3-4 months average usage with dynamic splinting. Patients who use JAS are discharged from therapy earlier, and present with no loss of ROM upon one year follow-up. A recent published study demonstrated that JAS eliminated the need for release surgery in over 75% of elbow stiffness patients. Using JAS represents significant cost savings to insurers and a reduced financial burden to employers. Most importantly, it represents improved quality of life for patients with ROM loss.

JAS Devices are Bi-Directional, Reducing DME Cost
JAS devices reduce splint costs by 50% compared to dynamic splinting. All JAS devices provide full - range stress relaxation and low-load stretch therapy in both directions of joint motion. Most dynamic splint brands work in one direction only due to tensioning requirements; two dynamic splint devices are required for patients with bi-directional ROM loss, doubling device costs and prolonging therapy.

JAS Frees Up Clinic Therapy Time
JAS enables patients to receive safe and effective stress relaxation and low-load stretch therapy at home. Patients achieve steady ROM gains between therapy visits, which frees clinic time for therapists to address other important rehabilitation goals (e.g. muscle strengthening, functional re-education, edema management, return to function) in the limited number of therapy sessions typically covered by insurance.